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Flat Fee Listing

For A Flat Fee of $395.00 You can list your property on the MLS. Only the MLS offers the exposure you need to get the most for your property. But you do not have to pay 6 or 7 percent. Let MI Real Estate Services help you break down the transaction process. Step by Step

Full Agent Support

Exclusive Listing is a Full Agent Support listing. We've got you covered. Tradition service with a smile. MI Real Estate Services will help you every step of the way. Start to close We"re positive

Consultations As Needed

Step by Step Means Step by Step We break it down Only when you need a little help Onlly if you are in an area of the transaction or listing and find that you are not in your comfort level, in Real Estate, you just do not know until an issue comes up, that is when...

Data Only Package

Data only Package will get your property onto the MLS Photo's will be taken downloaded and in put into the MLS You do the rest. Contact MI Real Estate Services if you need help guidance or any of the services to help get you to Closing.

Affordable Staging

Staging your place can make a difference between breaking even and making money. MI Real Estate Services LLC can help with that. Options coming soon...

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Cleaning Services

Clean Clean Clean We help you Clean with or without Cleaning makes more square footage / more square footage more money It's just that simple Bonus the buyers know what the room looks like.