What We Do

MI Real Estate Services LLC is proud of being different. ​​ We offer the New way "to do" Real Estate & can seriously save You Thousands of Dollar$...

It's All about the options and breaking down the step to allow involvement and savings. Creating a partnership working through the process together helping Buy and Sell Real Property.

So Don't pay 6 to 10% commission. Sellers start saving today! Buyers walk away with money at closing Agents this is the way. MI Real Estate is willing to give you a bigger piece of the pie. If you are reading this then understand the reasearch has been done So Search no more.. MI Real Estate Services LLC and their options based Services will get you MOVING FORWARD All at on your comfortability, knowledge, experance and or timeframe. Let's work together. Join The New Way "todo" Real Estate. Register here. A licenced and insured agent will contact you. Get ready to save some serious money in you next Real Estate venture as Real Estate has changed and most in the business haven't. After years of working with Buyers and Sellers local and abroad MI Real Estate have come to realize the Buyers and Sellers have options they are just not given to them. Until NOW No coupon code needed

Who Are We

MI Real Estate Services LLC was created to give both Sellers and Buyers more options. MI Real Estate Services break down the process of Buying and or Selling Real Property. Several steps in the process can be preformed by the buyer and the seller thus saving them money. Buyers and Seller are knowledgeable and able to execute several steps and are now able to pick which steps, if any.

MI Real Estate Services LLC offers the good 'ol fashion full support of an agent, if that works best for you We are prepared to do it all from a-z or simply pay $399.00 listing your property on the MLS and you take it from there. Anything inbetween You control when you need us. Depending on the step inwhich you need help and only at that time do you pay for the services. Guidance to close and anything inbetween We are here to support you at your chosen level of support needed. Believing it holds the agent more accountable through the process. A process that will not move forward unless all the steps are taken. MI Real Estate Services helps you through those steps.